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My 10 all-time favorite albums (continued)

6. Give Up by The Postal Service

I never listened to Death Cab For Cutie (which the singer is from), but this is another album that my sister got me into. I admit, to this day I still don’t really listen to Death Cab. I prefer The Postal Service’s sound more. The songs are just like what I write; cute yet sad (as I’ve been told). Ben Gibbard is a genius when it comes to songwriting, and I won’t lie; he got me the most into writing my own lyrics. 

Favorite song(s): Sleeping In, Brand New Colony, Natural Anthem

7. The Postelles

I’m rather proud of myself for this discovery. A newer band, whose debut album came out only May of 2011, already has great guidance from the guitarist of The Strokes. Their sound seems a little older, but the lyrics are adorable yet funky, to say the least. I have very high hopes for future albums.

Favorite song(s): Stella, 123 Stop, White Night, Mr. Used To Be

8. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand

They’re just a crazy group. It’s hard to explain how they make me feel. Let’s just say they make me want to dance and do a bunch of other crap. The music has got quite the spunk to it, as well as the lyrics. But that’s really any of their albums. This one grabbed my attention the most, and I love it to pieces. 

Favorite song(s): What She Came For, Lucid Dreams, Ulysses

9. Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse

Yet another band that has spunk. Though Modest Mouse is edgier, which I enjoy very much. This album was the very first one I listened to by them, and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Had it on repeat for almost a week, think it drove my family insane. Since then I’ve listened to a few more albums, but this one is by far my favorite still.

Favorite song(s): Ocean Breathes Salty, The World At Large, Float On

10. Some Kind of Cosmonaut by The Skies Revolt

I first heard about them when MCS featured them as one of the bands for Making Moves. What really grabbed my attention was that they’re from Grand Rapids. A band from Michigan being featured by MCS? I have to check it out. And sure enough, I thoroughly enjoyed their music. I’m not quite sure what genre to put them under, but it’s definitely refreshing to hear something different, especially since they’re from my state.

Favorite song(s): It’s All in the Reflexes, False Glory and Praise, They Cry Out To Do Nothing, We All Have To End

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